our vission

Help universities to grow.

Help to spread the world’s academic communications by sharing the information and experience.

our mission

To become the most well-known open academic network.

Our Abilities

Finding and connecting graduates

Analysis and evaluation of research achievements

Evaluation of university curriculum based on job market

Assessing the readiness of graduates for employment


Admin Panel - Visualization

By entering the information illustration section, system administrators can view the information and the number of users of the system by region on the world map.

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Tracer Preview - Admin Visualization

Admin Panel - University Services

Administrators can define their university services for students to use. Students can use these services according to their level.

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Tracer Preview - Admin Services

Admin Panel - Email Services

University administrators can send e-mails by selecting the desired users, in batches according to their characteristics or individually.

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Tracer Preview - Admin Send Email

Users Panel - Educational Information

Users can enter their ducational information and research records like information about their university.

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Tracer Preview - User Educational Information

Users Panel - Work Experience

Enter and save all user work records including: period of activity, type of job and company location of work along with the profile information of the person on LinkedIn.

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Tracer Preview - User Job History

Users Panel - Invite Friends

Users can receive special points by inviting their friends and introducing them, in addition to expanding the comprehensive network of system members.

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Tracer Preview - User Invite Friends

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